Bill Viola

Exhibition identity, brochure, and invitation for I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like The Art of Bill Viola at the Barnes Foundation. 

American artist Bill Viola (b. 1951) is renowned for his genre-defying work in new media. His installations feature moving images that invite meditations on birth, death, spiritual themes, and the nature of human consciousness.

Viola's works frequently feature strongly centered compositions, which we chose to mirror in the exhibition identity. The brochure is printed economically in black ink on uncoated stock. The invitation features black spot UV ink on matte-coated black stock, evoking Viola's art's quiet, dark nature. Exhibition wall texts were executed through silk-screen printing directly to the wall and cut vinyl application.

+ Type: Cirka by Pangram Pangram
+ Art Direction: Olivia Verdugo
+ Graphic Design: Olivia Verdugo and Pauline Nyren
+ Curator: John G. Hanhardt
+ Exhibition Design: Dan Kershaw
+ Exhibition Photography: Sean Murray 
+ Invitation Photography: Ian Shiver
Seeing the Barnes

The Barnes partnered with Karma Agency to launch the marketing campaign “You’ll never stop seeing the Barnes” in 2018. The scope was a branding framework unifying diverse Barnes experiences under a unique single-minded positioning, setting the Barnes apart from any other museum. The marketing creatives, which show compelling visual similarities between masterpieces & iconic locations/people in Philadelphia express Barnes’s democratic vision: art is for everyone. This was also meant to break down perception barriers around the Barnes being inaccessible or "not for me" by showing that art is everywhere. The media mix consisted of traditional advertising (print, TV, radio, outdoor) to generate awareness while digital initiatives (social, email, website landing page) drove audience engagement, converted awareness into visits, & unpacked stories of all the ways one will never stop seeing the Barnes.


+ Type: Calibre by Klim Type Foundry
+ Creative Direction: Karma Agency
+ Art Direction & Graphic Design: Olivia Verdugo
+ Portrait Photography: Michael Perez

Suzanne Valadon

Suzanne Valadon: Model, Painter, Rebel explores the life, art, and legacy of groundbreaking French painter Suzanne Valadon in her first major US exhibition. Confrontational and witty, her works tackle themes that remain provocative today: female desire, the conflicts of marriage and motherhood, and a woman’s experience of her own physicality.

Exhibition materials featured a combination of the brazen Plakat and the more feminine Canela, evoking the push-pull of Valadon's work. The intro wall for this exhibition was hand-painted by Gibbs Connors, and you may view a time lapse of it's installation here.

+ Type: Plakat by Out of the Dark, Canela by Commercial Type
+ Art Direction: Olivia Verdugo  
+ Graphic Design: Olivia Verdugo, Pauline Nyren
+ Curator: Nancy Ireson
+ Exhibition design: Yaumu Huang

The Barnes Foundation Handbook is a compact, portable introduction to our renowned collection of art and objects. This lavishly illustrated book offers a room-by-room tour of the Barnes Foundation, with concise entries on 172 works in the collection ranging from important paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, and others, to metalwork, ceramics, textiles, furniture, and sculptures from Africa, Asia, and North America. An introduction and an essay on Dr. Albert Barnes's unique approach to displaying works of art place these objects in the larger context of the Barnes Foundation and its educational mission.

Please check back as I will be updating this project with additional images. To purchase a copy of the Handbook please visit the Barnes Shop.

+ Type: Calibre by Klim Type Foundry, Milo and Milo Serif by FontFont
+ Art Direction and Graphic Design: Olivia Verdugo 
+ Additional Typesetting: Pauline Nyren
+ Collection Photography: Sean Murray
+ Printing: Brilliant Graphics

10 Years of 30 Americans

30 Americans showcases works by many of the most important African American artists of the last three decades. This provocative exhibition focuses on racial, sexual, and historical identity issues in contemporary culture while exploring the powerful influence of artistic legacy and community across generations.

The Barnes presentation marked the tenth anniversary of this groundbreaking show and its debut in Philadelphia. 10 Years of 30 Americans is an illustrated essay by curator Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, which discusses the historical importance of 30 Americans and its lasting impact on the art world.

We selected the typefaces used in the design of 10 Years of 30 Americans for their unique character and idiosyncratic design. Headlines are comprised of Trash by Brutatype, which displays an elegant strength, while text blocks are set in justified GT Flexa by Grilli Type, a quirky yet clear contemporary typeface. Imagery interrupts the text throughout, breaking up the justified blocks and creating interesting visual patterns, while notes comment on the main content. Notes are set in the margins rather than at the foot of each page to allow for a more conversational relationship between them and the main text.

With silver foil stamping and full-color imagery, the book's cover features a selection of iconic works from 23 of the show's artists. On the front, these works surround a monumental title, and on the back, they encircle a list of names of the 30 artists. With such an impressive roster of important artists and works, we felt choosing just one representative image could not do this presentation justice. Instead, we showed the diversity of mediums and forms that make 30 Americans so special.

+ Type: Trash by Brutatype, GT Flexa by Grillitype
+ Art Direction: Olivia Verdugo
+ Graphic Design: Pauline Nyren and Olivia Verdugo
+ Organizing curator: Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw
+ Exhibition Photography: Sean Murray
+ Flat Photography: Ian Shiver