Seeing the Barnes

The Barnes partnered with Karma Agency to launch the marketing campaign “You’ll never stop seeing the Barnes” in 2018. The scope was a branding framework unifying diverse Barnes experiences under a unique single-minded positioning, setting the Barnes apart from any other museum. The marketing creatives, which show compelling visual similarities between masterpieces & iconic locations/people in Philadelphia express Barnes’s democratic vision: art is for everyone. This was also meant to break down perception barriers around the Barnes being inaccessible or "not for me" by showing that art is everywhere. The media mix consisted of traditional advertising (print, TV, radio, outdoor) to generate awareness while digital initiatives (social, email, website landing page) drove audience engagement, converted awareness into visits, & unpacked stories of all the ways one will never stop seeing the Barnes.


+ Type: Calibre by Klim Type Foundry
+ Creative Direction: Karma Agency
+ Art Direction & Graphic Design: Olivia Verdugo
+ Portrait Photography: Michael Perez