Soutine / de Kooning
exhibition, identity, print, advertising

Soutine / de Kooning: Conversations in Paint, organized by the Barnes and the Musées d’Orsay et de l’Orangerie, Paris, presents nearly 45 works by these titans of 20th-century art. The exhibition considers how Soutine’s paintings, with their built-up surfaces and energetic brushwork, served the art of de Kooning, shaping his groundbreaking figurative/abstract works in the late 1940s and beyond.

+ Type: Sometimes Times by Boulevard Lab and Untitled Sans by Klim Type Foundry
+ Art Direction: Olivia Verdugo
+ Graphic Design: Olivia Verdugo and Pauline Nyren
+ Photography: Alexander Rotundo and Colleen Hankerson
+ Mockup: Pauline Nyren