C R U S H studio
textiles, branding

The Grounding Cushion was designed in collaboration with Jenna Robb as part of our ongoing CRUSH studio project. 

This project is dear to me. This pandemic has been so tumultuous, and I've struggled during this past pandemic year not to let anxiety and sorrow sweep me away. My partner Jenna and I created the cushion to help combat stress and anxiety through pressure and sensory stimulation. We knew that we wanted to create something related to the body that was both functional and formally enjoyable.

The cushion has a heavy base stuffed with crispy, crackly buckwheat hulls so that you can enjoy it like a weighted blanket in a more portable form. The top is springy and firm, and the various surfaces present in the custom jacquard upper, ceramic knobs (created by Better Lovers), and soft velvet bottom provide different textures to keep your hands busy.

Lotus pods and sea polyps inspired the shape. Sea urchins and oyster shells inspired the custom jacquard patterns, and it's constructed with 100% vegan materials.

+ Type: Vanitas by Reserves, Karla by Google Fonts
+ C R U S H studio branding designed by Olivia Verdugo
+ Grounding Cushion designed created by C R U S H studio for Commonweal Gallery
+ Custom Jacquard materials produced by Wovns
+ Custom ceramic buttons by Better Lovers
+ Photography by Pauline Nyren and Cark Durkow